Surgical Suture Manufacturer

In the year 1968, some American investors bought shares from companies in the healthcare sector in Latin America. Sutumed stood out among the companies. In the year 1998 Sutumed Corp was established as an American company in Latin America. It started operation as its own brand “SUTUMED” for surgical suture line in Latin America.

Sutumed Corp grew at an exponential rate and decided to expand and reckon with the global healthcare industry. Sutumed Corp obtained the global standards certification of good manufacturing practices in the healthcare industry in the year 2005. Sutumed Corp is ISO 13485-certified and owns an FDA Cleared-registered facility.

The construction of our manufacturing plant in Brazil was completed in the year 2015 and production has commenced. The quality and production capacity of the manufacturing plant in Brazil has been able to meet the ever-increasing demand for our surgical sutures and surgical meshes from the European territory.

In the year 2016, we opened our first commercial office in Europe. We currently offer the global healthcare market two lines of products aimed at meeting the demands of the human healthcare market and the veterinary healthcare market.