About us

Sutumed Corp

Sutumed Corp is an american surgical suture manufacturer in U.S.A. Our commitment seeks the welfare of the global society through development of quality medical devices and advance medical technology. SUTUMED has a broad portfolio of products, which meet the highest quality standards (FDA 510k) that directly contribute to successful surgical procedures. SUTUMED is currently being distributed to more than thirty three (33) countries worldwide.

Our Certifications

Our commitment of provide high quality improved products for surgical procedures has motivated us to have high quality levels of standards. Furthermore, due to our commitment for innovation in respect to high-quality materials, all our needles with 302 series are composed of high quality surgical steel. Nowadays, we have meets international certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, and the Food and Drug Administration - FDA 510k, which have been AWARDED to us. Recently, we are certificated by “Chamber of Commerce of the United States”.

Our quality control

Likewise, due to added measures in respect to our treatment technology, our needles are composed with a formidable steel edge that provides a smooth non traumatic passage through tissue. Furthermore, all our sutures are subjected to "One by One" rigorous quality testing, which guarantees the assurance of high quality standards. Now we are a surgical suture manufacturer certificated by “Chamber of Commerce of the United States”.