SutuLENE (Polypropylene)


Our surgical sutures are made of high quality supplies from Europe.

It is used in interventions that require great resistance, such as in the fastening of the abdominal wall, cardiothoracic surgery. (2)

It is extraordinarily inert in tissue and has been found to retain tensile strength for up to two years in vivo. (2)

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Specialty Needle

  • Silicone needle, which allows a single pass through the tissues
  • Designed to keep its edger after several passes
  • Needle of suitable size for each thread gauge

Thread of Suture

  • Uniform and homogeneous strand, which prevents tissue damage
  • High tensile strength
  • Flexible, which facilitates handling and safety in performing the knots
  • Strand with appropriate length for each type of surgery

Benefits for the Patient

  • Less tissue reaction and smooth passage through tissue due to the excellent edge of the siliconized needles
  • Right concordance in the crimping that generates less trauma to the patient


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